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Option International « Atmospheric Environnement »

Option du parcours Lumière-Matière


Thérèse Huet
Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Atomes et Molécules
Adresse Mel : therese.huet@univ-lille1.fr
Téléphone : (+33) (0)3 20 33 64 60


The International Master 2 "Atmospheric Environment" of the University of Lille 1 is providing a formation (1 year) in the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere, at the best level. It is supported by the French Laboratory of Excellence CaPPA (Chemical and Physical Properties of the Atmosphere).

The formation is dedicated to physicists and chemists having a diploma of Master (1st year), wishing to follow a specialization in atmospheric sciences to get a strong background in theory and practical works.

The education language is English. The first semester (Sept-Jan) is dedicated to lectures/practical works, and the second semester (Feb-Jul) is a full-time research training in Laboratory

In addition to the 5 disciplinary units, described below, students will follow AE6 : Advanced English / French.

Organisation des enseignements

AE1-PHY - Electronic Structure and Vibration-Rotation Spectroscopy AE2-PHY - Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere AE3 - Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere AE4 - Spectroscopic and Optical Methods AE5 - Observation Systems for Atmospheric Composition
Recherche en Laboratoire
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