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Propositions de stages en laboratoire -- M2

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TPCIM_Fortification of Isolated Protein Films with Natural Bioactive fillers

  • Option Structure et Propriétés de la Matière Condensée, Générique du parcours Structure et Propriétés de la Matière Condensée
  • Laboratoire: MINES DOUAI (MINES DOUAI)
  • Responsable du stage: Prashantha K. (kalappa.prashantha@mines-douai.fr , 03 27 71 21 69 )
  • Mots clés: Isolated protein, Processing, Structural and mechanical properties
  • Fiche complète en PDF : Fiche complète en PDF

Soy proteins are used extensively in food manufacturing, because of their functional properties, low cost, availability and high nutritional value can be plasticized to form a film for packaging applications. The effectiveness of isolated soy protein as food packaging material depends on the protection of the biopolymer compounds against conditions encountered in food processing industries and also during the storage (pH, presence of enzymes and other microbes) is of paramount importance. The effectiveness of natural bioactive products in preventing biopolymer from severe environmental condition depends on preserving the bioavailability of the active ingredients. In the food industry, antimicrobial materials are used in the form of dips or spray. But, such direct application has limited benefits due to the active material is neutralized on contact with the food or it may diffuse from the surface into the food. In this context, proposed internship work focuses on the fortification of isolated soy protein using naturally available antimicrobial fillers. The work involves the processing of complexes of plasticized soy protein isolate and bioactive filler. The prepared films will be characterized for their structural, mechanical, water absorption and anti-microbial properties.